Shamrock Rovers fans involved in a riot

from 1921 - their 1st cup final- high jinx back then

“Incensed with the result, Rovers supporters invaded the pitch and scuffles broke out between supporters and the victorious St. James Gate players. The Rovers fans were soon joined by their own players who invaded the opposition changing room and engaged in a mass brawl. The scene was one of mayhem and was only halted when the brother of one of the St. James Gate players took a gun from his belt and fired into the roof.”

Disappointing lack of rioting last Friday

apparently the hi jinks consisted of a rovers fan buying a bohs scarf and then throwing it in a urinal

Yeah right

NCC is middle class SR supporter don’t you know.

i just want it known for future reference im somewhere between upper middle class & upper class-i look down on the middle class

There ain’t no class going to help you when i get to crush your skull fella. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Load of Cock, like the LOI.