Shamrock Rovers Irelands number 1 vs Cork

any thoughts on this game? any carkies back up the rumour that the players are either going to let SRFC score into an empty net at the start at the game- FC Biggles were offered this last week but in true british sportsmanship refused or that the players wont come out in the 2nd half


No. 1 what?

Charity case?

[quote=“The Runt”]No. 1 what?

Charity case?[/quote]

keep it on topic:rolleyes:

NCC, what does NCMFC stand for?


Ah lovely.

Well what exactly are ye Irelands no. 1 in NCC? Dont remember ye winning anything lately. :smiley:

:eek: You fuck your mother shocking admission. Although par for the course for Frog Jr.

are you a slow witted version of Runt?:smiley:

refer to my previous post about runt

Answer the question :smiley:

Have you to play Bohs again this season, NCC?

as it stands yes but its really up to Zurich bank