Shamrock Rovers new Asst Manager

Jim Magilton has joined Shamrock Rovers as Assistant Manager

Shamrock Rovers - A little bit of the Shankhill Road right in the heart of Tallaght

Magilton was doing a fine job with Ipswich til he was shafted

I remember a departed poster making the same observation. He didnt even take them into the playoffs.

The connection between SRFC and Norn Iron continues.

great to see SRFC continue their 32 county selection process

Why won’t their supporters travel to the Derry game if they’re so interested in 32 county development?

A close friend of Celtic manager Neil Lennon I believe. A good appointment. :clap:

They dont travel to their home games, only 3k showed up for the recent big game against city rivals St.Pats. Apparently the SDCC facility was only half full.

a good few buses going up mate

lets not forget that SRFC are the current All Ireland Champions either buddt

Not so mate


strategic posturing to ensure DCFC ensure the buses are safe

Hardly builds confidence for their 32 county development policy especially given they are supposed to be all ireland champions.

Hopefully Rovers get to run their buses. Which in turn get attacked and all the hooligans within them get the shit kicked out of them.

4014 according to the Airtricity League site. Maybe check your facts next time before making stuff up.



And all 4014 were Rovers fans?

Can you prove they weren’t?


Pats only get a tiny section of the stadium

Im led to believe the correct attendance was 5621

the figure in the papers is the number of tickets scanned- there would be a huige number of season ticket holders,volunteers & members that wouldnt need to scan tickets

Yip. News reports mention “both sets of fans” indicating there were opposition fans present at the game.