Shay Given retires from international soccer

Our best goalkeeper ever?
I think yes.

Edit to say, best Republic of Ireland goalkeeper ever.
Jennings is surely the greatest Irish goalkeeper ever.

There was a period in his career when he was genuinely world class, he’s stuck it out too long but I wish him all the best. A great goalie and a great servant to Irish soccer.

Irish media don’t appreciate lads achievements in soccer at all. One of Ireland’s greatest ever sportsmen. Division 5 soccer in England equates to international rugby player.


He must be entitled to a ‘pinshin’ at this stage! :roll_eyes:

A great servant, always showed up, and always wanted to play. Possibly too much sometimes as we never got to give our subs keepers much a run out in friendlies, but thats a small complaint.

Stayed at Newcastle too long, possible lack of ambition perhaps, especially if the rumours of the likes of Arsenal wanting him were true. A great shot stopper, but his height let him down and stopped him becoming world class imo. Later in his career his injury problems caused him serious grief, and affected his game from his clearances off the ground to his general mobility.

Euro 2012 was a great disappointment, was patently not fit, But he gave us far more good days that bad, and we’ll do well to find one like him anytime soon.

A very decent fella too, very approachable.

His first missus also had massive knockers, that deserves a mention too I feel.

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He hung around too long to be fully heralded . Many may think he had retired a while age.

Fine keeper in his prime.

Brilliant keeper for Ireland and Newcastle for years. Wenger should have bought him after Seaman retired

A brilliant keeper over a long period of time. A great servant to our country.

Iran away springs to mind but there were so many more.

One of our best ever players and definitely our best ever keeper

All the best Shay (again)

Shay was good, Pakie was God.

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Those funbags weren’t enough to keep her on Shay’s books

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That prick that cost us two World Cups.

Me bollix.

Ah stop.

There’s a good chance we wouldn’t have won in 94 anyway. He only cost us one world cup.

He knocked the best days out them no doubt.

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2012 is a blot on Givens copy book, wasn’t fit and shouldn’t have played. Other than that though he was top class. Pity he never got the big move he deserved. Maybe he could have pushed for it more himself.

He did get the move, to City. But they chose Hart due to his age and hair.