Should Brian Cody go?

KK are out early, not a good year, need a new voice, I think he should walk away.

Not a poll but a good opportunity to hear opinions

I’m not sure a replacement would do better than him now, so no.

Would have to wonder has the voice become too familiar.

Only those inside would know that.

I think bringing in his successor with him for a year would be smart. With new selectors completely

The team is not near as good as previous, and tactically, Cody is being badly found out. Anything we heard from former players into this season was that they made changes and moves themselves on the field. Martin Fogarty I reckon was a big loss to the back room team

Cody should be given time


There are plenty of Anti.Cody men in Kilkenny. Plenty of them that will say Kilkenny won All Irelands in spite of him and not because of him

Easy to say it now

I hope he stays.

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Oh I’ve heard it many times. Even during “the good years”

Is there anyone that could do better with the current crew? Doubt it. He should be kept as long as he wants it.

Surely you should utilising tactics which best suit the players at your disposal.

In their three championship games this season they continued to just lorry the ball forward with no real plan. That’s fine when you’ve four or five of the best forwards in the country at your disposal as he had for a decade or more. But now they’ve lost so many great players he should surely be changing it up a bit.

They’re Kilkenny, they’ll always be competitive but not even they can continue to win year after year endlessly. Think 2015 was the time to go. Go out on a high. But like Wenger he has probably stayed on too long. Hurling is his life, it’s all he knows. Him watching Kilkenny next summer with someone else marauding up and down the line would be something he couldn’t countenance.

Mind you rebuilding a team around Paul Murphy, Buckley, Hogan and Reid would be a problem most of the rest of us would like to have. 11 AI’s between 2000 and 2015. Fucking hell.

Cody is the epitome of leadership. Apart from the goals he has set and achieved as Kilkenny manager, he has had a massive influence on the game of hurling and the style in which it is now played. He has lead change by inspiring and motivating other players and managers (Kilkenny were doing S+C work on a par with professional rugby outfits, while other counties were still running laps - and look at it now) and he has modelled what he saw the desired behavior with his teams down through the years (all eyes on the prize, and anyone that deviated was surplus to requirements).

Personally, I don’t like the change he has lead, but I have huge respect for the way he has put himself in the front and brought the county along with him. He’ll know full well when it’s the perfect right time to go, the crafty fucker.


If Hogan doesn’t calm down a bit and Cody stays on , you might not see him in a black and amber shirt under his reign again.
By calming down, I mean getting himself right physically.

This is the crux of it. Should he go? That question is for himself to answer but there’ll be no serious talk to get him out I think. We’ve been here before, no point in getting jittery and panicing.
Let’s see how he goes at it from here (I’m assuming he’ll keep at it).

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He won’t fuck around with Richie, he’s too good

Give it to Eddie Brennan. It’ll be the end of KK for 20 years.


I don’t know. It has all the hallmarks of the Charlie Carter debacle about it. I just don’t know if the little rant Richie had in the indo the week.of the Limerick match did him any favours. Still though ypu are correct in the sense of what Cody has at his disposal now and what he had with Charlie Carter is a totally different scenario

That’s a bit harsh.We all agree he has turned hurling into rugby with sticks but I’m fairly sure it’s not a criminal offence.

Although he did once spout something about a criminal offence occurring during a game.


No its not. And tactically he didn’t need to be good.

Because what i have been told is Fogarty built the tactics into the training and never really spoke much about it. Now whether it was a co straint led approach or not he certainly was a big influence. Cody brings something different.

Does Steady Eddie fall into the Fogarty type coach? They have similar education and mingle in simialr groups from what i can see.

Kilkenny would have been well beat under anyone else last weekend. He gets the maximum out of players and teams. Ye would be stone mad to let him go.