Sign in Cark Backers

lets hope Cark kick Limericks Junkee asses in the munster final

there must be 20 Limerick posters on this site and not 1 is even close to Mickee or Kev when it comes to posting

for that reason the forum should back Cark

I’d like to apologise to all the good Limerick men on this forum for the ramblings of this moron.

The vast majority of Dubs will be cheering on Limerick.

Get out and enjoy the Brissie winter mate. You’ve surely got something better to be doing than worry about some trivial GGA match.

If there were 20 Cork posters and opinion was going their way this tard would be supporting Limerick.

No matter how many rebrands/crises of personality/attention seeking posts etc, it’s become entirely predictable at this stage.

Fuck me, this place is starting to match AFR for high levels of indignation.

Signing in


the floodgates will open now

Signing in. Can’t wait until we beat the living shit out of those junkie knife wielding sub-human inbred monstrosities.

An avalanche of scores in the last 20 minutes to see Cork win pulling up.
Oh, the glory of it!

Signing in. My family heritage demands it. Cmaaaaaaannnnnn Cork.

Signing in, fuck Limerick

Ah lovely! Bring it on you fuckers!!! :mad:

Signing in

Can you imagine a team with the likes of Richie McCarthy and Wayne McNamara winning a Munster? What a fucking embarrassment for the great game that would be.

Now then…

Fuck you all!

Thank you very much.


Seriously? This from a county that sent Mark Landers to pick up Liam McCarthy?



First he threw his lot in with the Wallabies, no he’s cursed Cork. Hopefully TASE starts championing Chris Froome soon.