Sign in if you don't have a relative who fought in the GPO/1916

Signing in.

Signing in.

I had a relative in the RIC. :eek:

But I also had a relative who was some low-level lookout at a peripheral location during the Rising, so not signing in.

Signing in.

Why the dislike markrenton? I specifically said my relative was not in the gpo.

On which side?

Does 1916-1921 count?

I did some family research last year. Disappointed to find a great aunt marrying a peeler back around 1900, and to make it a lot worse he was from tipp

I reckon most of us had, don’t worry. It was that or fucking starve.

Bastard Brits.

I don’t have a relative who fought in the GPO but my great grand father was imprisoned up in Derry during the war of independence

Excellent thread :smiley:

Signing in. Vinny Byrne, an integral part of Michael Collins’s Squad, was my granda’s uncle.

Signing in. My crowd were too busy doing PoitĂ­n runs out of Menlo to give a fuck