Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths

Historian John A. Murphy

He had a nice book on twentieth century Irish history which was one of the best of its type


He was very much a Redmondite and John Bruton type when it came to his reading of history. Met him before and he was a sound man, not a bit like the person you’d see on tv arguing a contrarian position. R.I.P.


Judge Peter Smithwick has died at the age of 85. A descendant of the famous brewing family he was President of the District Court for 17 years. He was living in Inistioge and it’s unclear whether he was acquainted with lapsed poster @THE_LINK_WALSH or the licensed premises known as The Spots.


You’re a fair man for digging up the news around the country.

I had to Google “The Spots” as the local pub there was called The Spotted Dog years ago. I was friendly and went to school with a lad whose father owned it back then. But he sold it around that time and I think it became known as the Castle Inn.

Anyway my search told me that it has since been taken over again by the son, my old friend Johnny O’Donnell. Unfortunately it was an obituary for Johnny where I read it. Only 57…

A lovely obituary, if there ever is such a thing. RIP Johnny.


I’m touched by the lovely obituary and offer my condolences on the loss of your old friend.
I’ve never been to Inistioge but we had a poster from there who regaled us with tales of nocturnal escapades in and around the Spots.
If I might point you in the direction of the thread “I’m off to Leinster House in the morning” you’ll get a flavour of the characters that frequented your late pal’s hostelry.*

  • Muldoonery became a popular word in the aftermath.

A gas man was The Link alright.


The Link and his brother were beside themselves with grief over Johnny’s passing as were many in Inistioge, I’m reliably informed.
A sad time for all down there when it should have been a better time.


Pete St John

I’d say the writer of Fields of Athenry and Dublin in the Rare Old Times is a celebrity.



‘For you stole Trevelyan’s corn, so your young might see the morn’

I beg to differ but anyway.
I’m sure God will forgive him for The Fields of Athenry.

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Thanks farmer. I’d say the forumites who have never heard the Fields of Athenry before will really appreciate you posting that.


There you are again with the snide comments.

Go fuck yourself.


The FOA is a grand song but it is clouded thanks to all the drunken butcherings in pubs & awful renderings in sports stadiums

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RIP Pete St John

Ah you’re right. It’s a fine song but much like Fairytale of New York, it suffers from its overexposure. Hardly poor oul Pete’s fault.


His song list and there youse are focusing on one :laughing:

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Tom Duffy, the patriarch of Duffy’s circus has folded the tent for the final time (93).
In useless information these Duffys have been in the entertainment game since 1775.

How do you kill a circus.

Go for the juggler.


Peter Bowles. The Irish RM.