Im off to Leinster House in the Morning

Mesef and around 20 die hard Fianna Fail heads from around my way are away to visit the Dail at 11am in the morning from outside the spots,ive never been in Leinster House so im looking forward to the visit.Bobby Aylward is our man for this job and hes promising a fun filled day of walking around the place and a few beers in the Dail bar,ill be amazed if we get into the Dail bar but they say its going to happen.

Im a bit of an outsider on this trip as most going are signed up members/activists,my brother has talked me into going along and im only welcome because of my association with him id imagine,ive had to promise not to heckle any of the FFers if i meet them,Gormley will get it if he crosses my path,otherwise ill be keeping it Country.A full report on what promises to be a fun filled day will follow.




:angry: You sicken me you bovine cunt.

Tomorrow would be a good day to nuke the place.


Enjoy the day
Have you been to any of the Co-Op info sessions?
What do you think of the deal?

Link if you could somehow see to it that eamon ryan gets an earful I’ll make it worth your while.

any chance you could “nally” a few of em link? i’d even settle for running them over in the 4x4 after a few jars in the dail bar

no need, just get Jim McDaid to drop them to the train station.
carnage i tells ya.

Was up there on a tour a few years back. Mrs Hannibal’s sister won tickets at the ploughing festival, part of an initiative to open up the Dail to the people. Tame enough stuff. The best bit was the complimentary lunch, jesus those fuckers know how to eat well. Had to listen to the Bull Donoghue give a shite speech of how important it was that the public knew what went on in the Dail. We then went to view proceedings in the Dail chamber where there were at most 10 TDs present. Boring scripted questions and even more mundane scripted replies. In fairness the Seanad was far more lively. Shane Ross and some FG senator were having a verbal barney which made it someway interesting.

All in all not the best day out in the world but could be good craic in the Dail bar.

Link, enjoy the day. I’ll be around town tomorrow so PM me to arrange lunch.

Enjoy the day link, there will be a monkey behind the bar in the spots for ye if Gormley gets chinned tomorrow…

I have. Win, Win, Win for the plc… nooose around there necks for a while now, but will leave them vunerable to a take over.

Great deal for farmers, if the dairy market picks up as predicted in the long term, prob necessary also to take advantage of quotas being lifted. The septmeber sweetner will be nice. They are fooked though it dairy sector has another 2009 again, as they wont have to plc to prop them up and the farmers milk price will go well below where it went in 09.


Sound ill do that.

Gather up yersefr,Cocktake and Flabo and hit for Kildare Street later on,mesef and the brother look alike,heavy set tall lads,single us out and have a go you townie cunts,the batein that will follow will make my oul lads decking of the Tipp man on Hill 16 look like a slow execution…BRING IT ON.

Who is driving the bus home?

Im not a Dairy farmer but am involved in Agri-business,from talking to dozens of Glanbia farmers on the subject id reckon they will pass this buyout away from the plc by a fair majority,most of them see it as a direct route back to €.32 cent a litre plus which will leave them in a money spinning position,many also reckon that a merger with Kerry Group will be the next inevitable step,John Maloney staying with the PLC is a plus aswell,hes a cunt that lad.

I havent read into the finer details eneogh to decipher if Id think its a good move but i fucking hope so,mine and many other futures are at stake here.On a related note a marquee has been erected on the grounds of Kildalton Agricultural College in Piltown Co Kilkenny to hold the vote,i think its on May 20th,the marquee is the size of an entire hurling pitch with 8500 people entitled to vote on the issue,Glanbia are paying Teagasc €50k for the use of the grounds for the day.

This could be a problem yet,im not sure who’s driving up but if its Maggie Carroll we’re in bother,she gets caught up in the excitement bless her…

WTF is a ploughing festival? Drop yer fancy fucking pretensions there boy, its a ploughing match.

Link has called out The Prawn here, this should be interesting, will he have the balls to show up? I can see one clare winner of this fight.

what’s puke got to do with this?
are you insinuating puke is the prawn?
puke = prawn?
finkel = einhorn?