Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


Malarkeys slang for bullshit isnt it?


Chuck low of goodfellas fame, gone to the great wigshop in the sky


Morrie had to flash the cash the thick cunt .


Joe Corcoran.

Read your history.


Historian and legend on the UCC campus Donnacadh O’Corrain


Unrelated I was pleased to note that the aul lad that used to tramp around UCD is still alive.

I wonder what end of ‘Matt the Jap’ in Trinity. Piranha probably wouldn’t be allowed to call him that these days.


40 coats?


Never had a name for him.


UCC was fucking savage for sexual abuse in the mid 1990’s


There’s been all stories about his origins. I have it in my head that he used to hang around Portlaoise once upon a time, but I’m not 100% sure on that. Good to see he’s still tipping away anyway.


Il capo dei capi


He died of Riinal failure.


Johnny Hallyday, the French Elvis.


August Ames

The bed of Heaven to her :disappointed_relieved:

Allegedly, she took her own life after being bullied online by snowflakes. Making her in essence, something of a snowflake.

Let’s remember Ms. Ames in happier times;



equally devastated @Special_Olympiakos


That’s a sickening post,

I don’t get the humour at all personally.


Benjamin Massing, 55. Famous for this moment


Take this one to the Celebrity Deaths thread, please.




Terence Beesley, actor and husband of Maggie from Extras.

‘Unexplained’, ‘found at home’ - looks like suicide.