Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


He was a self loathing west brit cunt.


The Economist obituary is some of the finest writing you’ll see on a weekly basis. I expect they’ll give Suds a great write up such was his alignment with their own editorial views. I will post it here when it goes online.


What? That makes no sense.

He was an internationalist but proud Irishman who served in Government when he could have been coining it down at the Four Courts. Just because he moved beyond these shores and did well for himself you have to irrationally hate him.

Very very odd.


The world is a better place without his type.




Sounds harsh, to the uneducated can you give a very quick explanation why?


Devious people.



Sutherland operated succesfully in Washinton, Dublin, London and Brussels amongst other places. Calling someone like Bob Geldolf a West Brit has some logic to it, but Suds?

I don’t recall him ever really commenting on the national question beyond wanting Ireland to integrate with Europe more, at a time when the UK themselves were slipping away.

You need to flesh out your position here rather than just go for stupid one liners to garner likes on here.


Read the link posted


Have you turned completely schizo moonballs?


I doubt he loathed himself. In fact id say he had a very high opinion of himself


I’ve got to the part where he was a good catholic and worked for the Vatican, should i go on or is that it?


No harm in going on


His son is a scotch footballer?


He would prefer to have been a brit than Irish. Same with all west brits. Ashamed to be Irish.


Would you ever fuck off you pathetic cunt. Who made you the Internet police?


He was a greedy cunt.


@Matty_Hislop @myboyblue It seems you two bitches have something to say but you don’t seem to have the guts to say it. Spit it out.




I doubt that. If greed was his thing he would have stayed a senior counsel and coined money the traditional way. I’d say he was a great intellect who followed opportunities that allowed him give that intellect expression.