Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


There are those who would say he was the best Taoiseach we never had


Who the fuck said that?


Never heard anybody say that

He fucked us over mate


He would have been wasted as Taoiseach and probably not terribly good at it. The international stage brought the best out of him.


What’s your take on his pontificating about Ireland’s failure to take in refugees as well as promoting widespread intake of refugees within the EU.


Can you provide me with some evidence of this please?


Even with our legal fees I doubt that any silk down there could have racked up 250m in fees in a 20 year period.


Well said that man.


A man of great empathy


I think it was morally justified. There is no moral justification for a wealthy land mass like Europe refusing to take in refugees.


He wasn’t to know that when he became AG and entered the public service.


He was one of the chief designers of chaos in European society over the last twenty years.


He could have always gone back to the bar as many AGs have done before. It was a temporary gig with a nice pension and door opening opportunities which he utterly exploited to his own gain


The ex head of GS and BP worrying about the welfare of the poor? You convinced by his concern?




You’ve let the veil slip here big time this evening.


So it wasn’t about letting cheap labour flood the EU?


No. It was genuine humanitarian concern.


How many did he take in to his mansion?


He defended and promoted the interests of the bond holders we bailed out. It emerged a few years later he was one of the biggest ones himself.
He’s blood on his hands like the shinners ye rail against.
I’d put a stake through him just to make sure the cunt is dead.