Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


I’ve no idea.


Except Europe was taking in refugees. It wasn’t taking in the expanded subsidiary protection and leave to remain which came in on suds watch


Oh I’d say you do.


71 was no age but he looked shook near the end


The shinners out in force, disgracing themselves yet again to divert attention from that scumbag and the loaf of bread on his head


Top enforcer for the 1%, good riddance.


@Tim_Riggins is a fan.


So you have none? Thanks for the confirmation




Alan Dukes has got very old looking.

He looked desperate on the news there.


Another vile serpent from hell.


Been shook for a long time. I met him 3 or 4 years ago and he had one of those voice boxes to help himtalk.


You had your chance to respond. You’re a pair of wankers. Don’t like or quote my posts again. @Matty_Hislop @myboyblue



Go fuck yourself. You don’t know whether you coming or going. Stay the fuck away from me.


I’m in mourning pal.


Terri prone?


Sutherland had his paws involved here somewhere.


You might post up the door opening opportunities that the Attorney General of Eire office opened up on the global stage for Suds predecessors.


Relax Pete @The_Selfish_Giant seems like an alright sort.


Some awful loons embarrassing themselves in this thread, that Village article was hilarious