Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


At least he had the manners to reply to me you ignorant cunt.


Utterly fascinating insight into the diversity of Irish mindsets here. Enough material for a PhD thesis by @Sidney.


Sorry mate but I don’t see where you’re going here.


I’ve no agenda, just interested,


You told me not to reply bro?


I’m sorry man.


Can we still be friends?


I think you need to calm down.


What’s funny about the likes of @mikehunt he’ll go mental at someone for disagreeing with raising social welfare for example, accusing them of being uncaring, but will criticise Sutherland for wanting to take refugees in Europe.

I didn’t actually agree with Sutherland on that but I don’t doubt his moral conviction. I also admire the fact that he actually got stuff done. Unlike for example, some of the luvies on the left who will spend their lives lambasting others and hurling from the ditch over morality but won’t step into the breach.

Sutherland couldn’t be accepted by the luvies as he made a bit of coin in his life and was respected internationally. The fact that he was a success internationally in business and diplomacy arouses deep suspicion in some. If he had written a few poems and went to Stop the War protests he’d be a hero to them. Bizarre.


You may be right. I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for.


Probably the only time since the foundation of the state that one of the elites took someone seeking refuge into their home.


Was Peter Sutherland anything to Dani Sutherland of Home and Away fame?


ok mate. Sure we’ll be grand.


Sigh. My problem is with his motives. For a seemingly educated bloke u don’t half like doffing the cap.


Another piss weak soundbite there.

It really gives away your insecurity, lack of critical thinking and all round stupidity as a poster on here.


Turn out the lights. Don’t try to save me


What would you know about it, apart from assuming?


His track record


I can proclaim . Sutherland no more .


Track record of what?