Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


Screwing over people to protect big business


It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they are related.


Playing a few frames of lunchtime snooker in the now demolished club in Tallaght village, with Dani Sutherland in her pomp on the television in the corner, was a wonderful little routine I had circa 2001.

Great, great days.


Tim you are way out of touch with the common average man. You’re clearly from a privileged blueshirt background and have few fellow travellers on this site. You’re a no good cunt.


The innocence of some lads.


The last time I watched that show was 1987 when the real Pippa was there and your one (a 17 year old) was an alcy. Bobby’s ghost came through the fridge, Freddy Crouger job. I wouldn’t know Dani Sutherland if she came up and gave me dig in the mouth. That said it wouldn’t surprise me if they were related.


Well one of those has been the party of Government for 6 years now and leads the polls still to this day.


When did this transformation to a humanitarian begin for Sutherland? This was a man who did his best as both a barrister and AG to ensure the victims of the Stardust disaster never saw justice. The man who worked for organisations like BP and Goldman Sachs whose primary aim was to transfer wealth and assets from the poor to the rich. You’re a bigger clown than I thought if u think this cunt was a humanitarian.


There’ll be some Craic around here when jarry pops his clogs


Fair fucks mate. Deserves 10. For the lads whose heads it went over.


He’s a house nigger Mike. Happy to get crumbs from the top table. Oireland is full of em and they all vote for the troika of FF/FG/LB


Don’t just argue for the sake of it Tim, always make sure you’re on the right side.


He did a job as a barrister, nothing more, nothing less.

BP and Goldman Sachs - this is just leftist twaddle.

So far your arguments have stacked up as;

  • he was a “West Brit”. I’m still waiting for that to be substantiated. It’s a tedious soundbite just designed to give off a negative connotation
  • he was “greedy”. As pointed out, he took an early career path away from the wealth of the Four Courts. You are simply jealous that the man made money in his lifetime.
  • you’ve assumed his motives
  • you’ve thrown in terms like BP and Goldman Sachs once again to try and give a negative connotation
  • you’ve given out about him petition Ireland to take more refugees, when in the past you’ve claimed to be a lovely empathetic person for the poor

Widening out the criticisms of Sutherland on here we’ve had various of;

  • he held a lot of positions, he was clearly just trying to accumulate pensions, even including his time as a barrister/SC as like that comes with a pension :joy:
  • “sure if we all could have gone to Gonzaga, we’d be that successful”

There’s been a few with some worthy criticisms of him, but you certainly aren’t one of them.

You cast aspersions on his motives, reek of jealousy and insecurity over his success and use glib soundbites.


His worth of €170 million wouldn’t have been garnered in Ireland in the legal trade alone despite the corrupt charges these fuckers are allowed to charge for their ‘services’. He knew what he was doing when he joined Goldman Sachs, a vulture bank if ever there was one. He was in good company there.


Well said Mike.


BP who are known to have resorted to illegal means to extract oil all over the world? And a vulture bank who did nothing but ‘advise’ governments how to fuck their own people over and over again? Great CV alright.


Ruari Quinn giving a very impressive eulogy to Sutherland on Newstalk Just now


Another traitor


A total and utter cunt with his long brown leather coat.


Ah yes, let’s just take the tin foil hat view of them.

He was a shill for big business sure. Let’s ignore his role as EC competition Commissioner. Wouldn’t fit a couple of line Tweet about the man.