Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


Everybody’s talking about him,
They say he couldn’t live if living was without…


Denis Nilson didn’t write those songs you insufferable bore.





Lived with an uncle for a short time in Stanley Gardens, not far from his flat when he was in Willesden. D’uncle said he’d seen him on the prowl in The Crown, Cricklewood…


Superman actress Margot Kidder.



After being introduced to his work by an inspirational teacher in secondary school, I’ve always loved Tom Murphy 's work and now he has passed away aged 83. He was remarkably prolific and wrote outstandingly, reflecting actual Irish society. Which of course led to the usual establishment screaming Mary’s decrying his work, much like the Abbey with Whistle in the Dark.
I loved Conversations on a Homecoming.
A great loss.



Ramon is a surprising name for the time


RIP Tom Murphy. Superb playwright. I remember him saying he wanted to write his plays like symphonies. He worked musicality into his words
. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.


Never heard of him


Yep, should be in the no marks thread


This thread has become a bit of a joke


Some Muldoon.


He wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


Roald dahl died years ago


Don’t worry about it mate, wouldn’t be relevant to you


Fisty 06/09/14 " I left school early as I failed my group cert, ended up in a hardware shop"

Fisty 14/5/18 " I spent my teens reading plays and poetry’


You should know us poetic types are terribly sensitive and aspersions on our pretensions are treated with mild disdain.
You uncouth skangar.


Fitzy sounds fucking cool, like a character from a Tom Murphy play.

The Gigli Concert, the best experience of theatre I probably ever had. The stage was nearly humming, like an energy coming off it.