Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


That or being an insufferable cunt


I’m not Ruby Walsh’s greatest afficianado but the manner of his fall today was there for all to see - a man plying his trade- similar to loads of lads whether they be plasterers/brickies or whatever.
We’ve all got to turn up and perform.

I found the comment from @myboyblue in poor taste actually.


I think it was a put down.


Laurence Cleary (brother of Paul) and bass guitarist in 80s and 90s band The Blades has died in Japan. To those of us of a certain age The Blades were a band that we grew up with. Getting old is a cunt.


The Blades - Downmarket


Great band, and at the same time I’m really struggling not to wedge a ghost of a chance pun in here


Awful news, only 61 as well. Downmarket is my favourite Blades song, great choice.


Cllr Jerry Lodge, RIP. A very nice man.


while he may have been a nice man he isn’t significant


He’s a FOTF bro, well at least his family is… :see_no_evil:




Ray Wilkins RIP


Celeb, pal


Drunk driver.



It’s not for me to say bud.


Bruno Sammartino.


Dennis Nilsen, creepy serial killer, 72.


RIP. I used to watch and enjoy No cure for cancer a lot in my teens.


Preferred the Airplane films myself.