Sir Robert Geldof KBE

It’s the season for conducting polls of the people so if you wouldn’t mind answering some questions below. Your answers will make your data much more valuable when I sell all the data on to evil advertising companies.

On TFK do you mainly like reading…

  • Sports Stuff?
  • Other Stuff?
  • Both?

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Do you find long topics (e.g. All Ireland Senior Football Championship) difficult to navigate and are they off-putting as a result…?

  • I think they work well
  • I’d prefer more shorter threads on the topic (e.g. matches)

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What do you think of the moderation…?

  • There’s too much editing/deleting
  • It’s just about right
  • It should be stricter

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What’s the main reason you log on here…?

  • I like the tone/style of the place
  • It’s just a habit
  • It’s sometimes/occasionally informative/helpful
  • I’m not really sure

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What do you think of the overall look and feel?

  • It looks crap
  • It looks harmless
  • It’s beautiful

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Do you find it easy to use?

  • It’s complicated
  • It’s easy to use
  • Bring back pagination

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Would you recommend TFK to a friend?
(1 = Never;
10 = Absolutely;
You can work out the rest of the scale for yourselves)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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Any other feedback just let me know. (I did promise to do a larger font option for someone a while back but I haven’t gotten around to that yet. I’ve to build a website for @RaymondCrotty first).

Keep it going lads no better place for bantz abuse meltdowns and random acts of kindness👏


If you could attract a proper celebrity adjudication judge everything else will fall into place.


Tell no one about this place. There’s enough of us here now.


While expansion is vital I’d hate anyone that actually knows me in real life to read my posts here.


246 active users in the past 30 days :wink:

Sure load of us know you in real life. You’re a great guy.

Wait when did we get rid of pagination?

Such a collection of cunts I’ve never had the pleasure of interacting with in my e-life

Bring back pagination.


Is there anything to be said for the ignore function

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On the last question. Never recommend TFK to your friends. They might find out what kind of an absolute lunatic you are.


Spot on

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Who said that ?

Your rebrand after the lost bet wasn’t very original

Indeed. I’d hate if anyone in real life knew that I posted on this cess pit.

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My biggest gripe is the shams on here, when I joined not one of them welcomed me nor took the piss outta me, I was standing in the corner for months with no one to talk to, The most clannish bunch I’ve ever come across

Boo fucking hoo Clarabelle. Man up ta fuck.