Site Notice

I will be away from the site for a few days from tomorrow morning on. In the meantime i’m leaving Bandage in charge so please direct any queries or concerns in his direction. Everything should return to normal sometime on Thursday upon my return from Clonmel.*

*Rocko, please make this a sticky.

That is all.

did you 2 boys have fun?

Runt, how’s the Munich Accord coming along?

We’d a noble few days t_e, it’s a pity you couldn’t make it down yourself. SS** directed proceedings, he’s some man to get the party started…

Further Site Notice*


Dunph is back and I won’t be tolerating any bullying behaviour from any of you towards him. The sign of a big man is that he doesn’t hurt those weaker and less intelligent than himself, so lets all be big men and look after Dunph. He’s only a little fella and gets very upset when he’s bullied.

Art, Puke, whoever, I’m watching yis.

Welcome back Dunph. We sort of missed you.

:clap: :clap:

Has there been a victim impact statement of some sort?

dunph’s alright sort status, having been confirmed when he magnanimously made me honorary secretary of the prestigious limerick chippers social group, was officially conferred in clonmel by a large flame-haired bohemian and a man who was later described to authorities as an intoxicated fairground attraction.

allegations of financial irregularities regarding the accounts of said social group were swiftly dealt with by making Puke treasurer.
Canada beckons…


Any account of the TFK school tour to Clonmel?.. Where did ye booze? O’Keefe’s is a nice cosy spot





You’ll have to ask SS** where we boozed, Tony, because i haven’t a notion of it. You could ask one of the other lads as well but i don’t know if they’d have the answer either. SS** was on the lemonade, he had enough to be doing trying to keep proceedings under control…

Thinly veiled “What Happens In Clonmel, Stays In Clonmel”