Site Problems

As you might guess we’re having problems.

As a temporary fix TFK is running at

We’ll return to the proper .com address when we can resolve some issues


Apologies for the downtime chaps.
Don’t really know what went wrong and will take a while more to fix properly


@rocko didn’t want his potential Qatari buyers seeing the site full of muldoons discussing @thelimericks v the banjo boys last night so pulled the plug. No doubt we will be fully operational for the Merseyside derby tomorrow night. THIS MEANS MORE.

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Mid table EPL games are right at the Qatari’s level alright

If at any stage in the next few days stops working for you then hopefully that means we’ve switched back so go to the .com link then instead.


Are we compromised?

Is it those blasted Russians?

We’re not compromised. We will however be shifting our foreign policy position to reflect a more eastern outlook on affairs.


Can’t say fairer than that. They’re a great bunch of lads.

Who let Gary near the servers ??

If you need a whip around to upgrade things say the word :+1:

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I paid a sum of $1.16 for our temporary domain name. Hopefully the remainder is resolved painlessly

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Rugby football’s demand broke TFK.


Why, what happened?

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Fucking Brexit

I go away for a weekend…

I presumed the dodger took us down

I assumed the same.

How did ye all find the new domain name?
I got no email…


Twitter. I thought @Rocko might have sent an email alright

I’m surprised @Bandage didnt post a link on his much followed Twitter handle.

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