Six Nations 2019


why wasn’t Zebo available for selection then?


Where was Zebo???


He was being racially discriminated against from what I can see


Yeah - I’d agree. Sat might change it a bit. A bit different for scrum half because Cooney has played very little at this level compared to even Marmion or McGrath. Sexton seems to get a special pass - any other player having not played in a month prob wouldn’t have started. I’d agree there is a big question mark over Best now for the World Cup too. All in all not great but better to be finding this all out now. A timely reality check for Schmidt, the team and the supporters too.



About time someone came out and said it… The first chance the IRFU got they have reverted to their apartheid stance.




Lads getting worked up about rubby :rofl:

It really is a poor game to watch — how many times do opposing teams just lash it in the air?


hang on and I’ll try find a stat :smiley:


That didn’t last long anyway.


Is this the new craic now?


It’s back in vogue


Yes, all told it was a very welcome out turn.


England were laughed off the park in the 95 World Cup for employing kick and chase tactics in the 1995 World Cup Third Place play off vs France (which was still the amateur era).

Fast forward 24 years and after 23 years of professionalism and those same tactics are being employed by a coach getting a couple of hundred grand a year, who is being presented with Manager of the Year awards by a compliant media. Some joke of a sport.


No. It was a shit result and a quite unpleasant loss. However, if I had a choice of finding out all the issues exposed on Saturday in early Feb or in a World Cup quarter-final I’d go for the first. But you know that’s what I meant.


The wesht injun cricketeers sent the tans home with their tae in a mug. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away.


what issues do you think were exposed?


Too many south africans and look what you get :joy:


Welcome to the club mate


Off the top of my head:

  • Defensive weakness out wide because we defend narrow
  • Space behind resulting from our wingers pushing up (Kearney normally does an excellent job covering)
  • Our box-kick/Kick-chase being targeted
  • Lack of full trust in squad.
  • Pack light on International level carriers against a side as physical as England
  • Rory Best
  • Murray’s form since return from injury.

I’m sure there’s more but its a good start. Some are fixable - some less so.


I’m not part of your anti-Schmidt club though. I think he’s the best coach we’ve ever had and has consistently for club and country shown ability to improve players and get the maximum out of a team.