Six Nations 2019


I didn’t realise anyone read his articles. He’s best enjoyed on twitter really.


Limerick man CJ Stander out for a few weeks.


You can almost sense the smirk across his face as Ewan smashed the keyboard to put those semi coherent words in place.

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The problem with Irish Rugby is because they place such a bizarre emphasis on “Friendlies” they don’t have any time to actually try something out. Such as Henshaw at fullback. For someone as meticulous as Joe Schmidt, it seems strange that he didn’t make any attempt to give Henshaw game time at fullback in previous friendlies and fucks him in at the deep end for an actually important game.


Maybe the rugby crowd can be treated like adults.


Pub - Coach.


Marcus rose wasnt ,the bollox


ewan is bang on but his articles can be tough going - its like re- reading the forum at times


Simon Z would have fitted in


You’d often see something in his articles that seem like they were lifted directly from here. Not that they are obviously. No one would be that desperate.


Is it possible he was @Cicero_Dandi all along


Whatever about Zebo, Donnacha Ryan should get a call up this week but won’t. Quinn Roux will have to do


In fairness, Ewan is good for getting a rise out of people and I’d agree with some of the stuff he says but even his own mother wouldn’t call Ewan a winner.

Hi Ewan :raising_hand_man:


Isn’t Ewan a soccer football fan from Kildare?


I think he’s just anti-rugby now.


He is the truth.


south kildare


john “johnny” ward for example?


The talk before the game was it was something that they wanted to try during the Autumn but then Henshaw was injured. I think it was a risk worth trying - Kearney keeps on pulling out performances for Ireland but has been injured a lot and you’d have to question how many consecutive games he could play at a World Cup. The issue from the last World cup was lack of depth in squad. Schimdt has done a lot to deepen the panel and full-back was probably one of the weakest positions depth-wise.


We keep going on about out strength in depth but it looks weaker than touted after yesterday surely. Schmidt clearly doesn’t trust his halfback subs even when chasing a game and the halfbacks are having poor games. He doesn’t seem to trust the recognised full back subs. We’re relying on best who is surely on his last legs. Quinn roux?