Six Nations 2019


Glad to see Fua Leiofi given the same respect as all others, I always felt uncomfortable with the undertones when I saw him listed simply as B. Aki. Put the richly deserved OBE title after R. D. Best there and I’d say you have it spot on.


Good to see Joe and the brains trust have added some ballast to the back row.


It’s nice of them to list their AIB league teams and their home country clubs as well.

Are these lads actually active (sic) members of two Rugby clubs?


This match will be won in the war room.


I think the rules around that are gone fairly relaxed, just as you can pick whichever country you want to play with I think you can now be a member of as many clubs as you want. Furlong is down for New Ross, O’Brien is down for 2 clubs. You used to have to be registered with a club in the province you play for, so Cronin is Mary’s rather than Shannon but now I see Carbery is still Clontarf. The key for the IRFU is to pat as many of the clubs as possible on the head whilst at the same time kicking the stool out from under them.


Noted for future reference.


I’d say the ledger is bursting with records of “posts to be replied to” if the team of us win again, eh @gilgamboa?!!



Where’s Henderson or Beirne at? — Toner is grand at the line-out but I dont know if he’s giving us enough overall?


Id have been of the opinion that toners main talent was being very tall,but he made a huge difference when he came on in the autumn games and Ive changed my mind. He is a world class second row.


There you go … When we are winning he looks good , as plan A is working — Does he give us enough when it’s not working?


Dunno bud, weve only ever lost once.


I dont know much about rugby but if he’s really world class i’m fairly sure he’d be in the first row.


Henderson and Beirne are both injured which is quite unfortunate because its quite a step down to Quinn Roux


is there not an Irish lock who could play there?


Holland, Dillane. I don’t know why he keeps going back to roux. Didn’t Schmidt originally source him as a project player?


Eh, his name is Quinn Red mate. How Irish do you want?


Quinn is a monster scrummager.


Manfred Mann is a big fan of his.

When Roux signed back in 2013, the IRFU’s head of recruitment apparently said “when Quinn the second row gets here, everybody’s gonna jump for joy”.


bit too flaky for me … or is that choux?


Another first minute try for England and Jonny May.