Six Nations 2019


Le Cruch has lost a bit of its bite since the days on Mickey skinner , Moore , Teague , ondarts , Laurent Rodriguez, Eric champ etc …


Great stuff


France not even trying here.


This is beyond pathetic from France. They could ship 100 points the way they are going here. I’m going out for a walk with the dog.


Penaud about the only one showing a bit of fight.


Champagne rugby from France.


Despite his direct opponent having a 30 minute hattrick.


Champagne rugby from England.

Champagne defence from France.


He is has been hung out to dry by his teammates.


Bonus point for England already.


France are an embarrassment.


France :joy: That fullback should never again play international rugby.


Just switched over to this here jesus the French are taking some hummering.


Nigel Owens having to lecture Kyle Sickener on rugby values.


Tans are very good tbf no matter how shit France have been.


If Nige is so keen on rugby values wonder why he didn’t yellow card the offender


I was on May and Ashton anytime try, Ashton got taken out for the penalty try and was taken off two minutes later :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


For all how good they are they have only a penalty try (which shouldn’t have been given) and Farrell try (which shouldn’t have been given) to show for 2nd half.

Two cat decisions from Nigel


Tans are tough though. Good thing is, the arrogance usually ramps up exponentially at this stage. I still think wales can rattle them.


England are invariably always strong in the Championship in a World Cup year. Grand Slam winners in 1991, 1995 & 03, just missed out on Grand Slam in last match in 1999 & 2011. Won 4 out of 5 matches in 2015.