Six Nations 2019


At least it’s cleared up now and you can stop peddling the myth that rugby is popular.


That must have been frightfully discommoding for your friends.


What did your extraordinary friends do?


What about the extraordinary ones?


When i said ordinary, i meant non man city youth academy ,but carry on.


Irfu wont sign anyone on big bucks that wont be availavle for rwcw23


Rugby World Cup in Wheelchairs 2023?

Plenty of candidates to sign up so.


So there’ll be a big exodus of lads after the world cup?


How many of them will def not be around for 2023? Depends where in contract cycle they are too. Id say IRFU would be glad to get some off payroll but a good agent will have hedged that


Caelan Doris will be captain by then.


Sean o Brien is probably 3rd choice seven when everybody is fit and in form. At his age I’d be surprised if the irfu offered him a contract.


He’s hardly played 10 games a season in the last 3 or 4 years more power to him if LI will pay him that he would have only been on a Leinster contract after the WC


A fit and on form O’Brien was one of only 2 Irish players to start all 3 Lions games against NZ 2 years ago, man of the match in the 2nd game. Its debatable if he will ever be fit and on form again but if he was there is no 7 in Ireland that can lace his boots.


Two years ago is a long time in rugby. Leavy is vastly superior nowadays.


Ahem … Speak for yourself buddy. I was an exceptional 7


O’Brien has had a bad run of injuries so is neither fit or on form but it’s possible he could have a good run again. Leavy at his best hasn’t shown anything like the level O’Brien has got to.


Levy has had SOB level games.

But SOB did it for longer.


What’s been cleared up, that you’re ignorant of the size of India and Pakistan? It was always pretty clear that you weren’t the most knowledgeable.


The IRFU made that mistake between the 2011 and 2015 cycle and won’t again. They also can afford to be more ruthless these days and not take risks.


To back up my earlier point SOB has played only 52 games between Leinster and Ireland from the start of the 2014 season. A great player when fit but too injury prone and the IRFU certainly didn’t get bang from their buck over the last 5 years