Six Nations 2019


It’s very informative that an Irish cricketer is earning well over twice what his rugby counterpart is. I would have expected the opposite. Especially with all the viewers on BBC Northern Ireland.


Some very cranky lads around here today, who pissed in yer laundry baskets?


Cricket is a more popular sport and the players make more, again, so what?

You seem to thrive over how much money these people make. I bet you can’t wait for the annual Sunday Times Rich List to come out. It’s all very small time.


I thought you were exaggerating for effect here, kid but just read it there. 400k a week for Ramsey making him one of the top 10 highest paid soccer players in the world. Fucking madness.


I know, bro… Now I think they’ve worked a signing on fee into that not to pay him a lump some straight up — but still.

However, I would urge you to remember that’s only gross - so the poor cunt isnt getting that much really.


No Tim, rugby is small time. An Irish cricketer earns more than any Irish rugby player. Your innocent mind has allowed you to believe the rugby hype.


One club made a profit last year, once financial giggery pokery was stripped out,and Im suspicious of that.


He’s Captain of the limited overs English cricket teams and would make money from 20/20 etc.

Congrats to him, what else do you want? Your posts on here just reek of desperation. Back to watching English soccer with you.


That is just last year, you have to look at several years to get a full picture.

It’s the ones with the sugar daddies that are the issue.


Yes Tim, he earns money for playing cricket.


Yes Mike. Cricket is a sport with a lots of fans in some wealthy and populated areas. You seem to think cricket is something to be derided- take off your narrow little spectacles and take a look around the world a bit.

I would actually expect Morgan to be earning more than that tbph. An All Black second row will be getting more than him even with his earnings potential limited to just one team. Cricket players can make big money now, good on them.


In fairness some of these lads would want fair money for loss of a career. Sean O Brien will be ok because he can always go back to the farm, what he’s getting from London Irish will be mostly cream. On the other hand you look at a chap like Shane Horgan, 40 years of age and I’d say he still hasn’t earned a decent wage after rugby. Spat out of his law firm after qualifying at 38, and helping to run some tuppence happeny soccer charity while picking up a few bob here and there from Virgin. It’s a bit sad really.


Horgan should have made enough money in his career that a mediocre office job and other bits and bobs will leave him comfortable.

It’s actually more the guys on the 80-100k figure, your Noel Reid’s, for example. Luke Fitzgerald talked about it. There have been several guys who just decided it wasn’t worth it when they get to 27/28 and look to start another career.

The IRFU look after all of the players from Academy outcasts to senior guys very well. They encourage education and will use the old boys network. Football in the UK has improved at this as well, Manchester City leading the way. These people aren’t being left like footballers from 30 years ago who left school with no qualifications and didn’t earn enough from the game to live on forever and ever.


I know little about cricket apart from it’s played in commonwealth countries and can go on for 5 days and still end up a draw. I was under the false impression that rugby was more popular than it. Even if it is played in Madagascar, my suspicions about the popularity of rugby being exaggerated have been further enforced. Thanks for confirming Tim.


Cricket is played in hugely populated countries like India and Pakistan as well as wealthy nations like Australia and England. 15 years ago cricketers did not make that much money. They then invented 20/20 and the salaries have gone up dramatically for top line players.

I’ve discussed the relative popularity of sports lots of times if you want to search. I like cricket, like I like soccer and rugby. Your ignorance of the world around you is not my problem.


Had a look there and his company looks pretty healthy tbh.


A test match surpassed official betting figures of more than 1 billion dollars worldwide. A single test. There is money in cricket.
Wrt man city, whilst they send the underage players to st bedes private school for part of the week, the tail wagged the dog, as initially they caused enough disruption that the headmaster contacted the club and told them that any players not attending class and behaving properly for their morning classes ,would not be allowed by the school to attend football training.
In fairness, the club backed the school, and the trouble instantly stopped , but it was bad enough for a while that ordinary friends of mine stopped considering it for their kids.


Seanie has a fine farm to return to.


It’s not at all uncommon to hear professional rugby players say they won’t let their kids follow them into the game. There was an interview with a Scottish player at the weekend who said his son won’t even try rugby because of the state he sees his dad in every week, quite sad really. There are squads of well over 40 players at most clubs and 20 of them will be on fairly small money but getting their bodies broken every week. A lot of rugby players would be healthier and financially better off had the game stayed amateur, and would be enjoying the sport much more now as well.


Fucks sake :smile: