Six Nations 2024

It might be but the atmosphere in there is generally shite.


Maybe he’s talking about the women’s five nations

I looked it up there, it was 1984. Michael Kiernan scored the try in the 9-32 thrashing at the hands of the Scots on the last day. The other results were:
France 25 - 12 Ireland
Ireland 9 - 18 Wales
England 12 - 9 Ireland

The Gahliban lashing out after a million view an ould Six Nations match four years out from a proper competitive match where the opponent’s best player is off playing tag rugby, when all they’ve got to excite them is more Donal Og rants and the emergence of a new variation of the Brick flick.

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The Italy game is more the game that the corporates bring their kids/families to.

I was not there.

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