Six Nations Rugby 2018

Quinlan :grinning: Is he still on the radio in the mornings? Haven’t heard him in ages. God he was/is woeful.

I see Jerry Flannery handed him his tae in a mug this week.

“ROG” is a humourless bore


go on…

"If you’re playing a sport, criticism is going to come and you take it from the right people. Your coaches are going to give you constructive criticism to make you a better player. As a player, what you want from that is that the coach has gone and put work in - that he has done the analysis and he’s thought about this and put work into it before he passes it on. Players with a growth mind-set will take it on-board to become better players.

"For me, as a coach, I know there’s going to be criticism of the team and that’s it, because you rarely ever play the perfect game. So you’ve got to be able to take that. I suppose when people hear someone like Alan Quinlan coming out and criticising how we’re going, if I look at it like Alan Quinlan played some great games for Munster, people will take on board that if Alan is speaking on Munster.

"Most people watch a game to be entertained and expect the co-comms - the guy that is doing commentary with [the main commentator] - to do a bit of analysis. But I don’t think that just having played for Munster gives you any sort of insight. You actually have to prepare for the games.

"When I don’t feel like people have prepared properly for the games and they’re doing it last-minute, you have to look at it from the point of view that we spent a lot of time preparing and working hard. We had a lot of young players who were playing in that match. We were missing two international loose-heads, an international hooker, and international tight-head, Gerbrandt Grobler, Dave O’Callaghan, Peter O’Mahony - a Lions captain, Tommy O’Donnell - an international 7, CJ Stander - Lions 8, Conor Murray - Lions 9, Ian Keatley - Irish 10, Tyler Bleyendaal, Andy Conway - another Irish international, Jaco Taute - Springbok international, Chris Farrell - Irish international at 13, Dan Goggin - another good, young player…

"We were missing this amount of players and you have to look at things in context of the game. I don’t know whether he had done any preparation for it. I don’t think he had. It didn’t seem like he had because when people relayed the comments back to me, I just went, ‘This doesn’t make sense’.

"It’s that, I suppose, people will watch it and say, ‘Well Alan Quinlan must know what’s going on at Munster because he played for them’ but Alan Quinlan has absolutely no idea what’s going on at Munster. Nothing. He hasn’t got an iota of what we do in here.

"I understand that people will come out and give their opinion but their opinion should be based on something. If it’s not based on preparation, well then they’re actually not doing their job and they should not be getting paid for it, in my opinion. Like, if I don’t do my work as a coach I’m going to get sacked. I can still get sacked, even if I do my work and results don’t go my way and if I can’t get my message across to the players… or it’s even the wrong message. And I’m happy with that but I think there should be a level of accountability for other people out there.

"If, for instance, Sky think that it’s deemed credible that if someone has just played for a club that they can go out and just give their opinion without doing any work, well, they’re kind of cheating the viewers. People are paying for their subscription to watch it and they want to get some sort of analysis or… if they’re not getting it then there is a breakdown there.

“But, look, Quinny was very good on Ireland’s Fittest Family. He’s good at that stuff.”

Quinlan and Flannery both come across as cunts in that.

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Joe got a 2:1 but he could have got a first if he had done a little bit of work.

I don’t mind Flannery I have to say. Quinlan is a fucking clown though.


You’re surprised that bitter cunt hates both? :grin:

I see France have appointed the charismatic Jacques Brunel as head coach. I presume this is them officially giving up on international rugby.

Brunel will have a lot of work on his hands to engineer a revival, it will require a suspension of hostilities and some bridge building to get the French back on track.


That’s actually a different Brunel

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And this Brunel chap is not managing a team from the United Kingdom. So the attempted joke collapses.

Build a bridge mate.

I put @Julio_Geordio back in his box (girder).

Brunel was half French

Did he Walk like an Egyptian?

Cc @Bandage

Wales have some injury crisis ahead of their opening match against Scotland on Saturday. Eight British Lions out injured and most likely to miss the entire championship - Liam Williams, Jonathan Davies, George North, Dan Biggar, Rhys Webb, Dan Lydiate, Sam Warburton and Taulupe Faletau. Back up out half Rhys Priestland out as well for the entire championship.