Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread


No, that’s definitely Supermacs Guy.



Happy to give that one number 10


Thank you. I did not expect 10 for that, the prize was in beating mbb to a good photo


It’s a very disturbing photo.


Inpho gone mad for a bit of sitting/kneeling

Exhibit 1:


Exhibit 2:


An oldie but a goodie:

Apologies if posted before. Haven’t seen it elsewhere.


“Right, let me see you in a squat pose, imagine you’re taking a shit in the woods… yes, Perfect!”


No pics yet of Bonnie Prince Charles playing hurling on his visit to kilkenny.


Who will be rolled out to give the demonstration of skills ??


King Henry I believe is the person who is showing them around.


Shure where else would he go?




I knew it wouldn’t be long. :slight_smile:


I’d say the Prince of Wales needs to a translator to understand what they are saying


The fucking state of Cody with the gut hanging out over the trousers.

I expect a headline along the lines of More Irish than the Irish themselves.


I guess they will take Prince Charles to Langtons for his lunch. :slight_smile:


whats langtons? some mucksavage carvery I suppose?


Eddie Keher is surely somewhere close by. he couldn’t let a photo opp like that pass him by.