Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread


As long as he understands Shur and I suppose he’ll be grand.


Yep you cant visit Kilkenny without going to Langtons. Full of roasters.


Think of it as the pretend Wetherspoons you go to for your £2 pints except it has cleaner carpet, less down and outs and edible food.


And a tee-ayther


There is a video later on of the Prince belting the ball like a rocket, two handed and all the Kilkenny fellas yahooing like it was the most incredible feat they’ve ever seen. The Prince is a polo player, he can belt a ball 100 yards one handed while traveling 40 miles an hour on the back of a horse. How hard do these chumps think it is to puck a sliothar from a standing position.


I can just picture it, Mick the Muldoon absolutely enthralled by it all


Bibi Baskin says tourism from Britain will go through the roof now. Can’t see this being a big story over there. Bonnie Prince Charlie plays shinty



Thats a hell of a day for you pal, drinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk it in.


Fuck sake. All the click bait sites will explode with this. Like the Sky Sports coverage. Us Irish are a fucking horrible race for craving validation.


Because you are a race of simpletons


You’re still one of us mate. You might have bent over for Lizzie but your blood is still Irish. Your pretend English colleagues will still view you as a thick Paddy and there’s nothing you can do about it unfortunately.


I’m fucking running the place here Mick, you just don’t get it


Pretending though, like when the kids play shop?


Aye, the bigwigs upstairs giving Paddy an oul boost letting him think he’s running things while they fill their pockets.


The modern Irishman in London is educated and successful, thought leaders and decision makers, the dross are left at home, happy getting pats on the back of the head from the likes of the Prince of Wales


I’d say you’d love him to visit you in your bedsit


He is the assistant TO the regional manager


Expect a few entries from this photoshoot


Dev had some belt on a ball for an oul fella that was half blind