Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread




This is one of the worst ever.


It gets better…


Better is not the word I would choose.

Jackie Tyrrell
Anthony Nash
Brendan Bugler

A 48 week suspension is due for each of them.


What is the biggest ban for bringing the association in to disrepute ?


I dont know but on reflection I feel that 48 weeks is not enough. 5 years would be more appropriate in this case.


The title of the thread is Slightly Awkward . These are beyond an measurable scale . Cody would have dropped Tyrrell if he was still on the panel .


I do like this one featuring Tom Parsons.


Is Early still in the army?


Ah jaysus.


I’d say that’s the closest O Donovan has ever been to a football, the little class swots head on him.


I would agree




Not sure this photographer has the usual sportsfile eye for a photo


Who is this lovely lady? She looks sound.


Mean enough comment.


I believe she works for Intel mate. There’s a few more images here.


Plus one. Not funny and hurtful all in the one go.



How big is that suit jacket.