Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread


Not as long as that lazy cunt Dowling is allowed a jersey



Dowling is going to rip KK up Saturday night, you’ll be eating your words faster than he eats a snack box


Let’s just hope he doesn’t blow a gasket running back to make a tackle like last time out.


Is Dowling the fat lad with red cheeks?


One of them


And the fat arse, arms, cheeks, neck, legs, and so on





Took a break from the Chinese food


Mick the muldoon at it again, “shove a hurley in his hand there, quick and take a photograph”


Would Kilkenny have not put on a shirt and tie?


The jackeens only wear them when they have to go to court.


it looks like he was dragged out of bed, you’d never get that in a proper country


Did they bring him to the Guinness Storehouse ?


No its a gender neutral thing. All the fad these days apparantly


Is that Leo’s partner?


Great international exposure for the parish. Our Canadian social memberships should increase significantly.


Reminds me of this gem

Take a look at @newsworthy_ie’s Tweet:


Ah that’s smashing.