Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread


The fucker in front of his was a lucky cunt he wasn’t decapitated .



In my lifetime I am thinking how many of our Taoisigh were moderately competent at pucking a sliotar ;

Lynch ; yes
CJH ; yes
GTG ; no
Albert ; No
Bruton ; I doubt
Bertie ; No
Biffo , yes
Enda ; yes
Leo ; no


Who the fuck is your man?
I presumed they were a couple also


Lynch by far the worst leader there




You could be right there .


A link to a book that might interest you .


There will be some craic if they ever get together with Macron.


Leo’s socks for the day that was in in.


Ah so Leo is a mountie


Not very statesman like. He’s not trying to bang bang some fella in the George ffs



A veritable feast today

Good timing for Bernard


Brogan what a prick


Bernard Brogan has a hideous accent - it’s a bastard mixture of lower middle class West Dublin and the already bastard, mutant “Friends” accent common to leafy upper class Saith-East County Dublin (the latter is usually mistakenly referred to as a D4 accent).

The way he pronounces his vowels, particularly when he says a word such as “jersey” (jirrrrsey) makes me want to give him a clip around the ear, as it’s clearly the product of a deliberate attempt to modify his accent for the corporate marketplace.

This type of double-bastardised mutant accent is rather common in Dublin now and particularly among aspiring young middle class professional GAA types.

Ciaran Kilkenny also has it.


Is it not just a Castleknock accent?


I would say it’s an aspirational M50 accent, in that it’s common in the less socially disadvantaged areas close to the M50. The chances of somebody having this accent are raised exponentially if they have at least one parent from a rural county.


I was watching TV3 morning show last Saturday morning and Alan Brogan was on to promote Age Ireland . He has a grand normal Dublin accent .


I would love to kick Bernard’s teeth down his throat, let’s see him say jersey then the prick


What line of work are the Brogan brothers in?
Any of them teachers?