❄️ Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)

Maybe a “safe space” around here wouldn’t be such a bad idea😂

Good Jaysus


Makes you shudder to think what kind of poster will be on TFK in 10 years. Poor @Rocko will be buried in law suits

Maybe @Rocko will make TFK a snowflake free zone. Imagine some poor snowflake having to deal with @Nembo_Kid. It would be funny though.

We will all be dead

If north Korea attack Europe, I’ll be safe.

Judging by some of the posts here (mine included ) I’d say we could be dead already

Staff at Oxford University have been told avoiding eye contact with students could constitute “everyday racism”.
It is included in a list of “racial micro-aggressions” that has been published in a newsletter by Oxford’s equality and diversity unit. It described micro-aggressions as “subtle, everyday racism” which can be alienating.

Sport of Kings thread

Shush you. Don’t give the game up.

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I’ll take it off ignore so.

I see these lads are playing a game from Harry Potter running around with a broom between their legs… Ireland has a national team for it.

On a seperate note. @TreatyStones could have made the big leagues



Look at this shit :rofl:


There’s a ‘world cup’ also


Unreal. I heard of another one recently where lads starve themselves then get fake tan done and pose on stage in their knickers, you couldn’t make it up!


Didn’t know Na Piarsaigh did a male fashion show for fund raising. We do a race night ourselves.


Any clips of any of the participants hitting into one of the jumps?