Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Right in the pink, lad


Or in the stink.




Pretty genius to be fair


Quite disturbing the volume of posts on this thread recently


Here’s one for ye lads.





She’ll catch her death in that rain


Should this not be in the Cork weirdo thread?




I see a few of the lads on here have been writing into the Irish times about how difficult their life is.


I watched Alpha last night about a young lad 20,000 years ago that got separated from the tribe.

He had a broken leg, no smartphone, and was hanging off the side of a cliff.

Did he write a letter to the Irish times, did he fuck… he just got on with it. This was after his bessie was eaten by a sabre tooth tiger and all.

We’ve regressed


@glasagusban dismissing the complaints of white males as unimportant in an article about while males feeling their complaints are dismissed as unimportant. You couldn’t make it up.


Jena clearly is not the smartest of young ladies but she’ll certainly have gained a few likes for that.


I’m sick of the tfk snowflake crew and and their victim complex, it’s time someone called them out.



She could do with losing a few pounds or get one of her hot friends to do it.


she could do with some sexy under wear