Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Subjecting a child to the arbitrary dictates of a parent- a form of prejudice and oppression analogous to sexism and racism.

It’s a thing apparently.


There’s a fella here on the news crying with happiness because his mate won the young scientist. Christ above


@glasagusban there’s a one here on the late late and she’s made for you


She has a flute?


Shite banter from @Julio_Geordio


That’s a serious piece of writing


I was listening to the news earlier and they were saying there are 500 teams and 150 awards to go around. So nearly 1 in 3 teams gets an award? Fuck off lads.


Quidditch players gather in Dublin for European broomstick event


UCC were at it yesterday in the farm,also regular at cit cork


Sweep Sweep


Superb :clap:



10 up



a bit of manscaping gone wrong?


Hordes of barbarians/men chasing down the defenceless, patting wimmin on the arse and wolf whistling from the scaffolds.


Only saw this video today, my god.


If you have the time, listen back to Michael McDowell on Newstalk this morning. He destroyed Kieran Cuddihy over the citizenship referendum 15 years ago.


It’s fuckin pathetic


Anyone know where you’d pick up a 34" broom with a nice bit of spring in it?