Soccer Predictions League

I’ve started up a Soccer Predictions League for 2013/14 seasons.

Unlike (some) other efforts at this in the past, there’ll be no problem with updates because this is configured to populate fixtures and results automatically so no danger of me losing interest and not bothering to update it.

I’ve included 5 separate leagues (the “Big 4” and the EPL).

You can access it via the link at the top (halfway along) which is cleverly titled Soccer Predictions, are simply click here.

Scoring is as follows:

0 points for an incorrect answer
1 point for the right outcome but wrong scores
2 points for the correct margin of victory (so this would include a correct draw)
3 points for the exact score.

26 entries for the EPL competition so far. Slightly fewer for the others.

I can reveal that we will have a TFK hoodie for the leader of the TFK EPL prediction league on Christmas Day 2013.

Can I access it from the app? If so, where?

No. But soon. But it may look shit.

Scores have been updated for this weekend’s games.

EPL: @twiceasnice97 leads on 12 points.
SPL: @twiceasniec97 leads on 14 points.
La Liga: Rocko leads on 10 points.
Bundesliga: @Scrunchie leads on 9 points.

You can now choose to receive an email reminder for matches where you haven’t made a prediction yet (in leagues you are subscribed to). To turn that feature on hit preferences on the left hand side in the Soccer Predictions area:


EPL game tonight…

Instead of relying on your memory or the optional email you can now choose to get reminders of outstanding picks by clicking the box on the preferences section:


If you’re getting too many reminders remember to uncheck the boxes of the leagues you aren’t participating in.

I’m making this shit look easy as I top the prediction tables for the Premier League, Scottish League and Serie A. I didn’t bother entering the Bundesliga or the Spanish Primera, but no doubt if I did I’d be leading them too.:clap: