Soccer Programme Wanted!

Shamrock Rovers v St Pats.

Friday 4th September,

Anyone at this match? Programme Wanted. Cash Reward.

I gave my last one to Onearmedman…

I think NCC was at…actually no, that’s a very unlikely one.

If you ring South Dublin County Council, they might have a few programmes left from the game.

[quote=“Mac”]I think NCC was at…


Hey there corncrake…were you at this one?

yeah- i have the programme-

Oh thats great…You were at the game?

no - i was on holidays in italy- my mate has it if you want it

Oh right - sorry to have bothered you. I know another fellah who has attended every Rovers game this year, home and away, and I will ask him on Monday for the programme. He is a real proper supporter, so hopefully I’l be alright.

Shocking bait here. Maggot trap door appears to be jammed.