Social Media "Influencers"

Its a dangerous business lads, take care out there when influencing.

Simon fairly cut her loose there.

vlogging / blogging really highlights the stupid side of modern society — the fact that people think they and their lives are that interesting that they go and post everything little thing they do in their daily lives — and yet, they get hundreds of thousands of followers… i’ll never wrap my noodle around it.

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Clemmie looks like a grand girl in fairness.

Agreed — we’ll write this one off as she’s not the type of blogger.

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Shurlookit, what sort of weirdo would create duplicate account to win a fight on the internet?


Let he/she who is without sin …

I doubt anyone would sink that low mate…



Genius. Cost 20k to rent the house and feed them for a few months and split the advertising fees with them

Wouldn’t be my cup of tea but looks like a cheap punt

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What the fuck is a Tik Tok house?

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Delete delete delete.

Where Kesha lives?


Great take from collie

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I heard a story over the weekend about a famous Irish influencer who did so much cocaine at her wedding that she shat herself in her wedding dress.

I sent it on to a few female friends who all said that they’d already heard it. I’d never heard of this person before.