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You made a similar point a few days ago, when challenged you whimpered and scurried around like a spiritless cur that caught sight of a stick.
What is it you require child?


You must be confusing me with someone else as I’ve never sought out your interaction before


Well you’re here now.


And I have to answer to you? I don’t query any posters history on here. Bad form.


Moderators usually do this.


He is a mod?


He needs to know how much to invoice you for subs, no need for all your shite talk, answer the man.


Let him speak for himself. There’s no call to be taking that tone with me. I’m very sensitive


Don’t mind him he’s the resident piss head.It is the weekend and @Mac usually gets his load on at this time.


I don’t mind him. I’m just stretching my legs


Typical @Massey, straight into support the needy cause with the ‘i’ll look after you lads’ even though his suppressed anger still isn’t helped by this


Well noticed. With powers of observation like that you’ll go a long way


I already have.





Crazy bastards


The only thing they invented was rape