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She runs the RedMooseCafe. Spying on them for years.


Constantly searching for ways to be offended


Nothing sinister.


I sincerely hope no one douses the dive and torches it and whatever cretin put up the survey.


It could be a potential risk alright given the mass hysteria outrage. The guy basically said he couldn’t support a hashtag as he wasn’t privy to the info jury had. He didn’t go about it in a very smart way though


I can’t think of a worse Munster championship game


Well the #believeher crowd have fucked themselves in relation to jury service. Any defence lawyer now will be looking at social media of prospective jurors


Very true, they haven’t thought that far ahead


They haven’t thought at all


Mass hysteria reaction. No thought for consequences.


You say this like it’s a negative?




I think he means that their emotions are so strong they won’t be seen as impartial


Therefore they won’t get to serve on juries, it’s a win


Exactly, juries obviously have to be unbiased


The laugh of it is the system has made a hell of an effort to be as accommodating as possible to victims. And it’s resulted in a case going to trial that probably never should have been near a courtroom.
It appears the oft mentioned “hell” that the complainant went through in the witness stand. was more the responsibility of the psni/pps than any of the defendants.
The only thing that will pacify these halfwits is a good old-fashioned lynchin’.


Well said. The ‘best practice’ for collecting evidence is based on listening to, rather than listening to and then again questioning the complainant to compare evidence. This could possibly all have been avoided.


@Rain, @glenshane, @KOS1987, how long are you fuckers hanging around for out of interest? Apologies if this is covered off in another thread.


What has it got to do with you, you petulant little bitch?


It’s about time you either put up or fuck off