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It’d be a bit of a design flaw if you were allowed to fill your car to the point of explosion.


It’s only petrol cars. You don’t need to worry about overcharging your leaf


Batteries in electric cars last longer in warm weather too.


You burn less fuel with a full tank than a half empty one.


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed mate.

What’s the explaination here? Battery doesn’t regenerate as well in cooler weather?


Ya? I would have thought the extra weight of the fuel would cost you



And they post it on Twitter…


A computer philosopher


Games gone


The state of the cunt.


He wants everyone off computers and back to playing wizard and goblins


Whoever runs this page would fit in well around here.


cc @Horsebox


Facebook moderators instructed not to remove content


Saw a report on this in the guardian today. It’s sick shit. I think I’ll share it on Facebook actually.


Is that CPL the recruitment crowd as well?


Ya, they have an outsourcing wing too. Google outsource a lot moderation in a similar fashion.


They’ll lose that contract now you’d imagine and be the scapegoats


They’re only following orders to be fair to them. If they do lose it the people will probably just move to whoever takes it over anyway. It must be one of the most depressing jobs to have to view content like that all day.