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The Nuremberg defence


I think it was the Sunday Times had a feature on it recently enough. Sounded like an absolutely horrendous job.


Yeah it was about Accenture I think. Horrible job and staff treated like crap according to what they wrote. It’s the modern day equivalent of production line / call centre work I guess.


It must be desperate to be paid to use the internet.


Some lads have knocked nearly 2 decades out of it at this stage. :rofl:




Long may it continue


I’ve been posting on the Internet over two millennia




The Mickey Rourke of INTERNET fora.


Prowling around since the 1990s


First posted on the old GAA board around 1999.


You’re as old as dial up fagan.




I’m just watching some of this show now. Child abuse is marked as disturbing but not deleted. What the actual fuck?


Were you sid wallace, Fagan?


It is occasionally speculated that I was sid wallace, yes Sidney.


Should I start calling you “sid”? :grinning:

When did the hurling talk vanish from GAABoard?

I can still remember a small cabal of Tipperary posters posting 3,000 word treatises circa 2003 but not getting many replies.

#3421 became the go to site for Hurling chat on the internet circa 2001/2002 and most of the hurling set and the Limerick crew migrated over to then. That left GAAboard as a primarily football/Ulster football domain then.

Arrigle pitched up on at the end of 02/beginning of 03 and he was a magnet for Hurling internetters both benign and malevolent and that cemented as the premier hurling website.


They don’t make posts like this anymore.