Social Networking Sites


Flando seems to have deleted his bebo page. Maybe we can have this confirmed when he logs in at lunchtime during his ten minute window of opportunity when the boss is away from the desk, there is a 75% lunar eclipse, and the navy patrol boats in Gibraltar are far enough apart.


aboy padjo ypu fucking legend…great shout…


How do you know my name? No reference to farmer anywhere on it from memory…


i found you…saw a picture of a big lad in bandages friends…and your favourite sports teams varified this…


Educated guess farmer, the references to Letrim, Liverpool and excess height being the main clues


Add me there farmer, I don’t have enough tall friends


Perverts the lot of ye!!


[quote=“Sledgehammer”]Would agree that forums are the best, I basically spend most of my free time on them.

I use bebo and facebook but bebo a lot less now and facebook a lot more. Was trying to add some bird I fancied from college on facebook there but she hasn’t accepted yet. In fairness she hasn’t seen me in years so I don’t blame her.[/quote]

Tough break there Sledge. I’m more shy when it comes to adding / inviting friends on these things and play on the break for the most part. Other people start off with 4 strikers up front and invite hot birds left, right and centre. Some they might know but for the most part they barely know them at all or have maybe spoken to them once or something, yet still they go firing in straight away. Immature birds on Bebo like the attention and generally add anyone as it makes them appear more popular but Facebook’s a different balll game as you’re finding out here.


[FONT=Verdana]Yeah its gone Sledge. I had enough of it. I’ve positioned everything strategically so I can get on without much fear of being seen.[/FONT]


Can’t get the hang of that Facebok lark at all. Seems to be a bit all over the shop. Bebo is handy for keepin in touch with people you met when you were away or for perving on birds to see if they are currently attached etc…
Think I might have set up a myspace at one stage but never did anything with it.

Another one that seems to be emerging at the moment is LinkedIn. It’s more a business networking site that businesses can use for networking, recruitment etc…


Farmer, you are indeed very tall.


Facebook is full of spoofers,i had Pat Mustard of Father Ted fame asking me to add him last week.

For Hoops fans,Neil Lennon is on Faceache,a fella from a Celtic forum runs his account for him apparently.


That would seem to be dead right. I’m learning the hard way to be fair. I usually wouldn’t go adding people like that but I think I was pissed when I did it.

Social networking sites are very dangerous when you’re pissed but that’s probably a whole separate thread.


I added a fella from Wickla when i was pissed and now the fucker keeps send me Christy Moore videos.

I like Christy but not when a fruity stalker courts me with a video of Ride On.


LOL fruity stalker


Jaysus Farmer, i thought it was a piss take and you were really a midget. How very wrong was i!!!


hes fookin huge alright, a waste of a rugby player if you ask me, looks soft enough though.

bandage is that your sister or cousin leavin msgs on your page, tell her I was asking for her anyways, cracker…BTW, we have something in common



bandage is that your sister or cousin leavin msgs on your page, tell her I was asking for her anyways, cracker…BTW, we have something in common[/quote]

Ye both fancy his sister?


We’re a ridiculously good looking family dan. You wanna see my auld wan too - she’s an absolute fooking belter and there’s a fair bit of go in her still.


Disappointing to note your sister is married Bandage.