South Circular Road Gazette

Power down in the SCR area.

Great. I better not get egged from way home from work either.

All good in my hood anyway.

Must be affecting the riff raff down towards ballinacurra

Indeed, in fact we’ve extra power over here.

3rd world road

This is fake news spread to facilitate put downs like this to our glorious community which is the envy of all TFK.

That’s from the faulty wiring of yer old houses

Much needed thread to keep me in touch with the goings on in my old hood.

What an evening of trick or treating that was/is (we’ve to call back to a couple)
I wouldn’t live anywhere else, what community spirit

I’m just home from work and the electricity is back but it’s shite - dim flickery lights, no oven, no shower. It is very Halloweeny.

Power back on. I was getting worried for a while, Halloween…power out…

Is that the end of the bar or just a shrinking of the bar I wonder? It’s probably too big to reopen as it is

Was Scott’s ever popular ??

Don’t think so. It was a soulless place really. There was supposed to be a load more houses built out that side which never happened which didn’t help either I suppose.

Yes . I thought it a soulless suburban barn .

I went there a few times to watch a match. All the tellies were damaged in there. It had gone fair shoddy and they couldn’t manage to attract in the students that lived pretty much next door

Anyone know is Fenesseys open today lads? I presume it is.

So this thing is after appearing down the back of the new houses they are building behind Punches. Looks like it was hidden away behind the trees there. Any idea what it’s story is @anon61956325

its where they raised the white flag to Cromwell