South park




That’s a cracking clip Raven.


fooking top notch stuff there raven. Poor Randy, he’s always getting himself into shite!


N!ggers annoy me. I dont see the problem with the answer


Looks like a black chap is annoying Randy here, so his answer is from lifes experiences!


<------------ Ivory is looking happy


Hadn’t seen that episode. Quality stuff. The second news clip emphasises what idiots people are.


The latest episodes are up there with the best ever.


The opener to the latest season was a cracker. Last season will be hard to top though.


Have you seen the second episode yet pal?

The ending is sensational.


Best show on TV.


Saw the last episode but can’t recall the ending. My memory is not what it used to be. Been a long weekend!


Watching the Skank Hunt episodes from the latest series here. Quality stuff, great satire


Last couple of series been up there with their very best


Are you rooting for the giant douche or the turd sandwich?


PC Principal for President bro


Dildo Swhaggins.


Last season and this have been brilliant. Great decision to go linear.
The member berries are fuckin brilliant and Cartman in white knight mode is very funny as well.


Love the Member berries :smile: