SPL countdown video & song thread


:clap: The world famous Celtic Football Club. :clap:

why the fuck are you trying to lick bondages and rocko’s arse?? spastic

Why do you waste bandwidth to showcase yourself as a simpleton?

and how am i showcasing myself to be a simpleton? becasuse i make a stand against people licking up to the moderators of this place?

Displaying a lack of intelligence and struggling to state your point in an eloquent matter.

Please do not make a show of yourself any longer on this proud thread.

a proud thread? ffs, crawl back into the hole you came out of. cunt.

this jarhead fella is badly rattled here.

I’ve asked you politley to desist, but your ignorance and lack of respect shows no sign of relenting, so I have this to say. Cross me like this again, in another one of my threads and I will flush you straight back down to the sewer your kind dwell in.



i think someone should tell you that this is the internet and you wont actually be able to flush me down the sewer. And you called me a simpleton??!! muppet

I’m sorry mate, I should have known metaphors are a little too complex for you to handle.

Apology offered for confusing you.




You’ve got to feel sorry for WITJ.

Embarrassing posts will never be the same again.

Why don’t Hibernian get more support from Irish people?
Aren’t they older than Cellic and don’t they also have Irish roots?

The might appeal more to the soup taking fraternity.

How do you mean? Are they somehow less ‘Irish’ than Cellic?

Yes, today they are. They also deployed a sectarian signing policy which I couldn’t agree with.

When did their ‘Irishness’ begin to wane?
Is this a recent development?