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The whole thing is a big laugh. Billy Byrne on The Wexford Hurling Podcast the other day delighted we didn’t try against Cork last week because the last thing we needed at our stage of development was a potential clash against the Limerick machine that would interrupt our championship preparations but little did he know that the last thing Limerick needed was to try in a league semi-final because they didn’t want to be in a league final but Cork tried against us because they knew they wouldn’t be in a league semi final so they treated the Wexford game as a dress rehearsal for their first away championship game but now Tipp & Clare might actually try tomorrow because they might not mind facing a non Munster county in the final close to the championship but perhaps the final is too close to the start of the championship & maybe they will not try either because they will want to complete championship prep on their own terms out of the spotlight. It’s hard to know really.


I think county teams should be forced to broadcast every training session live on YouTube. As long as everybody is videoing everybody else…

As Ed Tom Bell would say.
‘The mind wanders’.

Limerick will probably play Wexford on the BOICMC now instead.


Proper two weeks of action ahead.

Man United v Chelsea
Man United v Liverpool
Heineken cup is back
League hurling final

Masters next week

I love this time of the year


And the champions league.

The World Snooker Championship too coming up.

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