Sports Grants


As the topic came up in the Olympics thread about whether boxers received any money, thought a discussion on who gets what cash is merited elsewhere.

So here's a list of the core grants made for 2008 to the various organisations. These are for administration, coaching, facilities, that sort of thing.

The first number after the governing body is the amount given for general sports grants. The second number specifically relates to encouraging women to take up the relevant sport.

Angling Council

Athletic Association of Ireland

Badminton Union of Ireland

Basketball Ireland

Baton Twirling Sport Association of Ireland

Bol Chumann na hireann

Bowling League of Ireland

Cerebral Palsy Sport Ireland

Comhairle Liathrid Limhe na hireann

Croquet Association of Ireland

Cumann Camgaochta na nGael

Cumann Peile Gael na mBan

Cycling Ireland

Golfing Union of Ireland

Horseshoe Pitchers Association of Ireland

Irish Amateur Archery Association

Irish Amateur Boxing Association

Irish Amateur Fencing Federation

Irish Amateur Rowing Union

Irish Amateur Weightlifting Association

Irish Amateur Wrestling Association

Irish American Football Association

Irish Blindsports

Irish Canoe Union

Irish Cricket Union

Irish Deaf Sports Association

Irish Gymnastics Limited

Irish Hockey Association

Irish Judo Association

Irish Ladies Golf Union

Irish Martial Arts Commission

Irish Olympic Handball Association

Irish Orienteering Association

Irish Sailing Association

Irish Squash Federation

Irish Surfing Association

Irish Table Tennis Association

Irish Tae Kwon Do Union

Irish Tenpin Bowling Association

Irish Tug of War Association

Irish Underwater Council

Irish Waterski Federation

Irish Wheelchair Association

Motor Cycle Union of Ireland

Motor Sport Ireland

Mountaineering Council of Ireland

National Community Games

Shooting Sports Association of Ireland


Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland

Racquetball Association of Ireland

ROI Snooker & Billards Association

Special Olympics Ireland

Speleological Union of Ireland

Swim Ireland

Tennis Ireland

Triathlon Ireland

Volleyball Association of Ireland


From that table you can conclude a few things:

  1. Most obviously, somebody is taking the complete piss in looking for grants. I'm looking particularly at the horseshoe pitchers association. Baton twirling would be up there but they held the world championships recently as we know so at least they put their money to some use.

  2. I've no problems with grants for sports for sick or disabled people like Cystic Fybrosis. But the Spelelogical Union of Ireland? That's actually the study of caves and they've just come up with a fancy name to make it sound like it's a disease so nobody will question their grant. Bastards.

  3. The Golfing Union of Ireland got 40k to help get women playing the sport. Then the Irish Ladies Golf Union got 51k for themselves and then the Irish Ladies Golf Union got another 80k to help get women playing the sport. That's three grants for the same thing in my book.

  4. 28k for tug of war seems excessive - doesn't strike me as a costly sport to get involved in.

Then there are the high performance grants given to elite athletes themselves. For 2008 these were:


Derval O'Rourke Category: Contracted 40,000

Risn McGettigan World Class 20,000

Robert Heffernan World Class 20,000

Eileen O'Keeffe World Class 20,000

Fionnnuala Britton World Class 20,000

David Gillick World Class 20,000

Paul Hession World Class 20,000

Joanne Cuddihy World Class 20,000

Colin Griffin International 12,000

Jamie Costin International 12,000

Olive Loughnane International 12,000

Martin Fagan International 12,000

David Campbell International 12,000

Mary Cullen International 12,000

Deirdre Ryan International 12,000

Liam Reale International 12,000

Developmental Squad (13) (max 5,000 each) 65,000

Junior Squad (25) (max 3,000 each) 75,000

Total 416,000

Badminton Ireland

Chloe Magee Category: International 12,000

Scott Evans International 12,000

Junior Squad (1) (max 3,000) 3,000

Tony Stephenson Junior Criteria

Total 27,000

Cerebral Palsy Sport Ireland

Gabriel Shelly Category: World Class 20,000

Tom Leahy International 12,000

Johnny Cronin International 12,000

Roberta Connolly International 12,000

Padraic Moran International 12,000

Soccer Team International 30,000

Total 98,000

Cycling Ireland

Dermot Nally Category: International 12,000

Paul Healion International 12,000

Mark Cassidy International 12,000

Philip Deignan International 12,000

Robin Seymour International 12,000

Nicolas Roche International 12,000

David McCann International 12,000

Brian Kenneally International 12,000

David O'Loughlin International 12,000

Pid O'Brien International 6,000

Enda Smyth International Disability 12,000

Cathal Miller International Disability 12,000

Michael Delaney International Disability 12,000

David Peelo Pilot Rider 12,000

Catherine Walsh International Disability 6,000

Joanna Hickey Pilot Rider 6,000

Developmental Squad (7) (max 5,000 each) 35,000

Junior Squad (2) (max 3,000 each) 6,000

Total 215,000

Irish Amateur Boxing Association

Katie Taylor Contracted 40,000

Kenneth Egan Contracted 40,000

Patrick Barnes World Class 20,000

Darren O'Neill World Class 20,000

Roy Sheahan World Class 20,000

Darren Sutherland World Class 20,000

Ryan Lindberg International 12,000

Eric Donovan International 12,000

John Joe Joyce International 12,000

David Oliver Joyce International 12,000

Developmental Squad (7) (max 5,000 each) 35,000

Junior Squad (24) (max 3,000 each) 72,000

Total 315,000

Irish Amateur Fencing Federation

Siobhn Byrne Category: International 12,000

Developmental Squad (1) (max 5,000) 5,000

Total 17,000

Irish Amat Rowing Union

Gearid Towey Category: Contracted 30,000

Paul Griffin Contracted 30,000

Eugene Coakley Contracted 30,000

Richard Archibald Contracted 30,000

Sen Jacob International 12,000

Sen O'Neill International 12,000

Sen Casey International 12,000

Cormac Folan International 12,000

Alan Martin International 12,000

Cathal Moynihan International 12,000

Tim Harnedy International 12,000

Sinead Jennings International 12,000

Orlagh Duddy International 12,000

Niamh N Cheilleachair International 12,000

Total 240,000

Irish Canoe Union

Eoin Rheinisch Category: World Class 20,000

Brendan Maloney International 12,000

Neil Fleming International 12,000

Neil Caffrey International 6,000

Helen Barnes International 5,000

Developmental Squad (6) (max 5,000 each) 30,000

Junior Squad (3) (max 3,000 each) 9,000

Total 94,000

Irish Clay Pigeon Shooting Association

Philip Murphy World Class 20,00

Derek Burnett World Class 20,000

Colin Tanner International 12,000

Total 52,000

Irish Hockey Association

Women's Senior Team Category: International 30,000

Men's U18 Team Developmental 10,000

Women's U18 Team Developmental 10,000

Total 50,000

Irish Sailing Association

Maurice O'Connell Category: World Class 20,000

Ben Cooke World Class 20,000

Peter O'Leary International 12,000

Ciara Peelo International 12,000

Developmental Squad (12)(max 5,000 each) 60,000

Junior Squad (15) (max 3,000 each) 45,000

Total 169,000

Irish Table Tennis Association

Junior Squad (1) (max 3,000) 3,000

Total 3,000

Irish Taekwondo Union

Developmental Squad (1) 5,000

Junior Squad (2) 6,000

Total 11,000

Irish Wheelchair Association

Kathleen Reynolds (Table Tennis)International 12,000

Sen Heary (Archery) International 12,000

Eimear Breathnach (Table Tennis) International 12,000

Total 36,000

Irish Judo Association

Developmental Squad (1) (max 5,000) 5,000

Total 5,000

Paralympic Athletics Ireland

John McCarthy Contracted 40,000

Jason Smyth Contracted 40,000

Michael McKillop Contracted 31,900

Orla Barry World Class 20,000

Garrett Culliton World Class 20,000

Lisa Callaghan World Class 20,000

Patrice Dockery International 12,000

Eoin Cleare International 12,000

Derek Malone International 12,000

Rosemary Tallon International 12,000

Garrett Jameson International 12,000

Catherine Wayland International 12,000

Developmental Squad (1) (max 5,000) 5,000

Junior Squad (5) (max 3,000 each) 15,000

Total 263,900

Paralympic Swimming Ireland

Stephen Campbell International 12,000

Darragh McDonald International 6,000

Ellen Keane International 6,000

Jonathan Cummings International 12,000

Hannah Clarke International 12,000

Developmental Squad (1) (max 5,000) 5,000

Junior Squad (2) (max 3,000 each) 6,000

Total 59,000

Swim Ireland

Andrew Bree Category: International 12,000

Melanie Nocher International 12,000

Barry Murphy International 12,000

Developmental Squad (6) (max 5,000 each) 30,000

Junior Squad (14) (max 3,000 each) 42,000

Total 108,000

Tennis Ireland

Junior Squad (3) 9,000

Total 9,000

Triathlon Ireland

Gavin Noble International 12,000

Emma Davis International 6,000

Developmental Squad (1) (max 5,000) 5,000

Junior Squad (1)3,000

Total 26,000

I think JJ Nevin since got 10k and there are bonuses (around 10k paid to those who excel) but boxing certainly seems to be delivering results compared to the likes of athletics.


I don't want to turn this into a joke thread as some of the figures are very interesting. But it immediately caught my attention that Camogie and Ladies' Gaelic Football were given grants for both general purposes and a separate amount for encouraging women to play these sports. Does that therefore constitute an acceptance that many of the heifers currently playing these sports are in fact men and they need to up the female quota of players? I fooking knew it all along.


I was thinking the same. Any reason Ladies football got 13 times what Camogie got to attract women to play??


Do the high peroformance grants and individual grants have to be spent on training and athletic purposes etc or can the athletes do whatever they want with it....


I don't know Puke. They're supposed to be spent on training etc. but I'd guess there's some amount of flexibility.

The whole system is changing now I think with that other organisation that Sen Kelly is in charge of who have got involved too. Seems like too many administrators though. The boxers seem to have invested well and got a good return for their money and even the guys that lost what you can say about them all is that they're superbly coached and are in peak form of their careers. To get five guys to that level simultaneously says that whatever they are doing with their money they're doing it well.

I don't know about the other sports but for the athletics stuff I'd say alot of money goes on flights and training camps and that sort of lark.


Professional Sports Admin is a secret world filled with corruption greed and one where only the most treacherous surive. Two examples. Hickey & Samarach. One Local; one international.

When the book is finally written on our own IOC it will make the tribunals Flood and Moriarty look like a Teddy Bears Picnic.

I remember when Sean Kelly was preparing to move out of Croke Park, and predicting that Sean Tracy should watch his back.

Looks like he did. The bould Kerry hoor is back job hunting.


Sean Kelly is gone from that gig.

Also the Boxers got SHAT on by the IOC and a string of other "interested" parties in the run up to and at the Atlanta Games. Disgusting and disgraceful, even now my stomach still churns with contempt. While Boxing has indeed produced a massive return, please consider a "despite of" factor. Bejing is a whopping two fingers to certain Irish bodies from the National Stadium.


Hickey is one absolute prick of a human being.


The IOC have been no great friends of boxing alright - particularly Hickey.

The Irish Sports Council have been good allies to the IABA though. John Treacy and guys like that are supportive of the amateur boxers and it's their investment (managed by the IABA) that has paid off.


John Tracey's interest in sport starts and finishes with the athlete. Whatever their discipiline. His approach to Drug testing is a template for excellance and btw was one of the first federation heads to come up with a policy. Absolutely thrilled he saw off Sean Kelly; and to do it so fast and so bloodlessly he deserves the same applause as our boxers.

Hickey at this stage is almost funny with what he still gets away with.

BTW anyone else think E Coughlan's doing too much talking about himself lately?



Treacy may be primarily interested in athletics but he gived out the grants and supports the high performance schemes and that's the structure that the boxers are thriving under.

Saw an article in the Tribune last week which called the OCI the Olympics Travel Agent now. Bang on the money.


Coughlans statement that Ireland needs more Eamon Coughlans was special.

Coughlan is doing no more talking about himself than Carruth though, Carruth is shocking.


Jerry Kiernan alleged last night that the reason the OCI selected the 3 B athletes so late in the day was to increase the allocation of blazers that would be required to accompany them. Its a joke. John Treacy, Sean Kelly and Pat Hickey (whoever is right or wrong doesn't matter) should be dispensed with and the whole thing brought together.

In these straitened times when the Government think we don't need the Combat Poverty Agency (beyond irony), its surely time to do away with these quangos and have one agency and no more hangers on, liggers and blazers.


I never got the impression that athletics (as in track & field) saw particular favouritism from Sean Treacy. While the money awards may suggest otherwise, track & field is more demanding financially. The clubs are not big and wouldn't have the cash incomes i.e. gate receipts or function hall rentals as other organisations; also the number of events needing investment is extraodinary. Swimmers need a pool and a gym. Boxers need a ring and a gym. Athletics need tracks, courses, javelins, jump runs, vaults, & high rigs etc etc; they also require a wider pool of expertise to meet the various and varied events.

Just saying.

Press utterings about the Irish IOC have been going on since the 80's. You wouldn't be far off the track if you wanted to know where the FAI learnt it from if you started with Pat Hickey.


While Carruth has nothing to offer anyone other than Des Kelly carpets; Eamo is laying out the stall. Am I the only one hearing "pick me pick me"?


Sean Kelly is gone. He was never a real sport man, he is and always will be a media savy PR hound; who knows how to spin himself.

Pat Hickey will have to go in his own time. He has years of durt to keep quiet and the world knows it.

Sean Tracey is honourable, respectable and honest. He has never represented anyone or anything without being 100% transparent and open about it. If Sean Tracey is forced out, forget London or any other participation; at any level; because we Irish, should just bow out and stick to being brickies.


I'm agreeing with you Mire. Treacy has done very well in allocating money and in overseeing the high performance athletes. I don't think track and field has gone very well but that's just down to the talent being usurped by developing nations.

Hickey is self-serving but the greatest thing about him is that he has feck all influence anymore. If the limit of his influence is deciding what blazers get to go to Beijing then that's a progression from the days he controlled the purse strings.

Hibernian - while there is a need for change I don't see why the Irish Sports Council should pay the price for the failings of other people in other organisations. They have delivered three medals in this olympics in spite of the wranglings elsewhere and should be given the finances to continue to invest in elite athletes.


Couple of other things

450K for Cricketers : So before I open my big trap; anyone else have a thought on this?

Does anyone have numbers on the Show jumpers divies?
And is the only snob in Wexford still its Uachtaran?

Having seen evidence of the Carribbean Nations incredible genetics; are Paddies really suited to the blue ribbon track events?

The open swim? for me "What an event!" Olympic it every way and one of those that seperates them from us.
But what say the wise men?


Horse Sport Ireland got:

1.8m from Irish Sports Council
1.6m from Department of Agriculture
1.1m from National Development Plan

Of those funds 250k went to the Showjumping Association of Ireland.

I think this was athlete funding as well as structural grants for staging events etc.


But the horses are the property of others, yeah? So does that make them professionals or expensive pieces of equipment; like golden spikes or NASA engineered javelins.

Shite ...I've gone and taking the thread off course again. Suppose Bandy will have me banned.