Sports to watch during Lockdown

A thread to log any live sporting broadcasts for the foreseeable future.

There’s NHL hockey on Premier Sports at the moment but not sure if it’s live

Navan racing. Hear the crowds cheer the winner

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This would be a great time for the GAA to launch its own TV channel showing endless repeats of old matches and documentaries.

They should show the full series of BBC’s “The Championship” covering the Ulster and All-Ireland championships from 1991 to 1994.


Season suspended yesterday.

Super league was on this evening.

Man Yoo fans will be delighted that Sky Sports will be showing endless reruns of The Premier League years over the next few weeks

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Copa Libertadores on BeIn Sports, although one must make do with Arabic commentary

BBC could show re-runs of Match of the Day from the 1980’s to keep the Liverpool fans happy.

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Super Rugby.

I know.

It’s certainly more watchable than any Northern hemisphere rugby. Make your own humourous comparison from that.

5 Matches tomorrow.

Paris-Nice bike race on this week. Might be pulled tomorrow though.

Its gamings time to shine. Tekken Fifa etc will be where its at, the likes of @cluaindiuic time has come

To be fair, Tekken Fifa sounds awesome.

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The Kabbadi will stand tall here. Matches going ahead per my google news search.

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There’s a really nice test available to people who may have in the past declared they wouldn’t watch something if it was the last sport left on earth.

Competitive hand washing?

I’d say I clocked up 30 today at least.

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turkish superleague if streams are available

I’d like to see One Man And His Dog make a comeback to BBC2. The recent WHO announcement that dogs can’t catch Coronavirus should make this much more feasible.

It’s time for RTE to dish out the 15 seasons of Premier Soccer Saturday.

Good match on SS Action.

Reds were 17-0 down to Bulls. Lead 27-17 now.

Edit: 34-17 some turnaround.

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3 games left this week. 2 today, 1 very early tomorrow.

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